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Grass Fed Beef
Our cows are 100% grass fed and grass finished. Each selection comes with a variety of cuts as well as ground beef. All orders are frozen and vacuum sealed.
Pasture Raised Pork
Our pigs are fed an organic grain ration and raised on pasture or in the forest so that they can also root and forage for additional feed. We generally process and have available late summer or late fall depending on batch.
Grass Fed Lamb
Like our beef, the lambs here only eat grass and hay. We generally process and have available mid fall.
Pasture Raised Broiler Chickens
Organically fed and moved to fresh pasture each and every day! These are some good chickens!!
Assortment Boxes
If the above options are too large for your family or freezer we are happy to put assortments together. Each assortment would be custom created and cost would vary, we are happy to work with you on size and cost.
As part of our lamb program we offer the tanned hides from our animals each year. We often sell out and its helpful to know ahead of time if folks want one. They generally range from $100-$150 each. Order over $500 worth of meat and we will give you 10% off a sheepskin!
Please let us know if you have any special requests or questions we can answer when we get back to you.