Raising Meat and Eggs On Pasture in Harpswell, Maine

Welcome to Two Coves Farm, thanks for visiitng our webiste! The Grady family runs this little operation with a single minded focus: raising the highest quality meat and eggs. We believe that by managing our pastures well, by moving the animals each day to a fresh "plate" of food, and by working with nature we are able to do just that. 


  • We offer a seasonal CSA providing "fresh frozen" cuts of beef, lamb, pork, and chicken. We take orders and deposits the first 4 months of the year and deliver meat orders in the fall.    
  • We also have a Farm Store open May through Thanksgiving selling fresh eggs, cuts of meat, jams, seasonal produce, and other goodies. 
  • Finally, we are your source for a beautiful and delicious pasture raised Thanksgiving Turkey, and remember: its never too early to place your turkey order! 





90 Neils Point Rd. Harpswell, Maine   04079           (207) 400-7999