Selecting Your Pork Cuts

Purchase of a half or whole Pig comes with the opportunity to select exactly how you want your meat cut and packaged. Once we have your cuts we will be in touch about connecting for a pick-up!

Name *
Would you like your hams fresh or smoked?
Would you like your hams whole (7-8 lbs) , cut in half (3-4 lb), or sliced as steaks?
Would you like a pork tenderloin roast? (means less pork chops)
Would you like pork chops? How Thick?
Bacon is smoked pork belly, you can get back bacon sliced or fresh chunks of pork belly.
Would you like the shoulder as a fresh roast or smoked?
Like the hams, shoulders can be left whole, cut in half, or sliced as steaks. they can also be processed into canadian bacon (thin sliced smoked shoulder)
You can get this back as country style ribs, canadian bacon, or as a roast. You can also put this into sausage...
Unfortunately only one selection allowed per pig...
Additional Options for Additional Cost
This butcher offers some options for your smoked processing (ham, bacon) as well as your sausage. Each cost additional per lb and will add slightly to your final cost above and beyond the Two Coves Farm hanging weight price. Please select if you would like any of these options.