This Is What Happens

A week goes by in a flash... and with it have come many lambs. I have continued to grumble a bit about having singles but I have to say we have a vigorous and healthy little pack of lambs here none the less. As of this morning I think we are up to 31 or 32 with 7 ewes still to lamb. 

Each year I am so greatful for the atmosphere of life and vigor and excitement that takes over the barn. All fall and well into winter we have a pretty hungry and hunkered down group of ewes, all business and little play. And who can blame them with all that lamb building to do... but when those lambs come out and start to feel at home in the barn its quite a place. Jumping, chasing, playing, suckling, and generally enjoying life. I'll share the photos and videos of the last week and leave it at that. Thanks for following along.