Well, the mud is here. We are slogging about each day in an effort to keep everybody relatively dry, fed, and watered. Its an interesting time of year, the promise of warmer weather is in the air but winter holds on and reminds you of its impact. I was thinking the other day about how this winter has gone... we have made it through all kids of weather, avoided any real serious disasters, and find ourselves planning the season ahead. 

When we first started this operation I would look around in horror this time of year, wondering how I would repair the mess and muck created by our daily traffic and chores. I have since learned that nature does much of that mending for us, the power of the worms and the plants to break through and repair the damage is amazing. We have come to see this time of year as another example of the living and breathing earth beneath our feet. Nature will reclaim the destruction and the damage, the tracks and the ruts. 

The animals are another story, wet usually is not a good thing. Thankfully we have spots on the farm that remain high and dry even this time of year. The sheep remain inside... so that takes care fo them. The pigs are in a bad spot for this type of season, but the truth is that they go off the farm in about a week. We can keep them dry until then. The cows need to keep moving those feet and its good for them to have a place to retreat to that is reactively dry. We try to move the feeder around so they can "nest" in the leftovers. 

Lots of dry lambs in the barn if you have a chance to stop by want to brave the mud!