I am always blown away when nature takes over and gets things done. Huge surf, a big storm, blazing sunshine, new life. I think what happens is that I feel in touch, there are so many things between people and nature that get in the way. Once in a while the natural order of things makes itself known, and we are blessed in some way. 

I checked on Clover last night around 11:15. Our usually docile and calm milker was all worked up, mooing, shifting endlessly around, breathing heavy, looking behind her for the calf that had not yet emerged. By the time Laura went out again at midnight there she was, talking to the new arrival and working diligently to lick her off and get her dry. 


What got me (ok I got choked up, I admit it) was how Clover worked herself, delicately, into a position where she could lay herself down with her calf (already on the ground) between her front legs. This is no easy task for an 1100 lb cow in a 9 X 9 stall. But she did it beautifully and was then in a position to warm her calf with her huge front shoulders and neck. It was really amazing... she was clearly concerned about the cold and anxious to warm up that little pup. 

These animals, the natural world in gerneral, has so much to offer us, to teach us if we will only pay attention. Today is all about life, new life here on a farm that births a calf a year at most. So its special, but remember too that there is lots of death on this farm as well. I say that only because they are inseparable companions. My kids know this, because they see it, they live it... all the tears and all the joy. Its a package deal and its essential information.