Making Butter

Not feeling well today... Laura and our new intern Sarah are doing the outside work and I am Domestic Dad. Very comfortable role for me. On the agenda today: Butter and Chili. 

We are getting amazing amounts of milk from our Jersey now that she is out on the grass. It is allowing us to skim the cream, make butter, and feed the skim to our pigs and chickens. Awesome system, the best part is that we are hoarding butter in the freezer for the months to come. A littel photo essay on the process:

Start with room temperature cream, grass fed of course!


Almost there....

The moment when the cream "turns" into butter is quite magical... it literally happens in the blink of an eye. After that it is time to strain out the butter milk. What is left is the best, most vibrant and colorful transformation of sunlight into food:

Don't forget to save the buttermilk for those muffins and pancakes!

Cold water rinse and press out buttermilk

Almost there again.....