I find it amazing how much influence routine has in life. Even to the extent that some of my most defined and tenacious routines are in place to avoid other routines. The power of habits and the "way we do things" is a force to be reckoned with I imagine primarily because we find comfort in the familiar. 

Today's walk logistics..."Papa, can we go for a walk on the road? I want to use my sccchhhhooooter."

Someone said recently that time is like money, the more you have the more you spend... I went over this already but it just blows me away.... momentum, habit, the familiar. As a family group stumbling our way through farming, homeschooling, small business management, and community engagement we are wedded to many routines. Some of them work, some don't.... but they are there. We try to keep a sytem approach to things including maintaining an open mind to assessment of how things work or don't and how to improve process. However, some things just have to get done each and ever day one way or another. 

For as much a part of my life and work as they have been over the last 10 years I am a little abashed to admit that one routine I struggle with pretty much each and ever day is WALKING THE DOGS. For something that is so enjoyable (speaking of dog enjoyment... have you seen this? FUNNY!!)and so necessary, and so DUE (these dogs deserve a great walk twice a day.... at least!!!) I still struggle to make it happen "routinely". 

A Walk? My Favorite Thing!!!

This is the part of this post where we get to have a big old laugh at my expense. The battle of routines. Ready.... I know, without a doubt, that the best thing to do each and every day is to get up, brew a cup, and hit the trial with the dogs. Boom! Done. Move on with the day... chores, breakfast, etc. Visualize that stupid (passive aggressive alert!) "That Was Easy" button from Staples. 

So how often do you think I do that? The problem is that this "would be routine" is so in conflict with another routine of mine (that requires far less effort and can glide much more comfortably on the wings of inertia) that it happens only sporadically. This other routine must be important? No. It must involve the selfless dedication to another living being to trump time dedicated to your two "best friends"? Not really.

You see... When I get up.... I like to get that cup of coffee and , and, and... well... just sit and read. There, I said it. I like to just sit and read.... even if it means I short change the dogs, ignore my kids, put off the list of things screaming at me to get started on in a day.... It is my ROUTINE... from way back and I have a hard time shaking that baby. There is hope, like the addict who goes out into the woods to get away from temptation I have let myself run out of good books, I will cut myself off.

Anything for my dogs. 

"Comm'on Papa!"