Write Something!

I continue to struggle getting posts written. My mom has all three of my kids, this is day three. They will be staying one more night. I am unsettled.  It is surreal around here. I'm unmoored by my capacity to accomplish things. Laura and I were just commenting (again) about how bizarre it is to go through your day moving from one "to do" to another. This NEVER happens and I figured I really needed to get a post completed while the kids are away. 

Even though Joe Pye stays quite busy with his interests

We got set up today for chicks which come on Friday. I had the state meat inspector here last week to go over our plan for chicken processing. That is full steam ahead so we are confident in our plans to double our broiler production. It actually is not double what we planned last year but it will be double (and then some) of what we actually produced. It is not May yet and we have about 160 sold, we'll see where it goes. 

So much is happening here on all fronts that it is hard to keep up. The big deal at the moment is waiting for some rain. I think its coming... we really need it. Spring pastures are generally counted on for lush growth and quick regrowth. You plan the spring with this in mind. No water changes that equasion significantly. I think the cows would be out on pasture too if we had some rain. 

I'll try to check back in soon. Maybe I should stop thinking so much about what to write and just write... always been my problem. Never worried abouit writing the paper only about WHAT to write ABOUT. Maybe journal style would work.... hummmmm