In The Media

I was having coffee with a friend this morning and spotted an article sitting on the table next to us. I stopped reading the newspaper years ago but it seems that when I glimpse it these days it seems to often contain food related stories. It feels to me like we have been at this for some time now. I mean as a country. There is so much publicity and so much film not about the various ways that the industrial food system is failing... its all around us. 

Later in the day there was a link on facebook about the horrific conditions found by secret camera in a chicken house in Pennsylvania. I will provide the link but I don't actually suggest watching it. Its pretty horrific. The thing about yesterday that prompts me to write for the first time in weeks is that I don't get out much. I literally have my head down most days in my own world of farm, family, business, chores, etc. So if I was hit over the head with stories like this in a day I have to assume they are all over the place. 

We all need to understand that:


  • cheap food is a menace
  • its cheap because our government is as addicted to it as the rest of the country
  • small farms are the answer, diversity is the answer, caring for the soil is the answer
  • there are other ways to feed ourselves
  • systems are circular no linear


Go visit a farm this month, see what you can see, talk to someone growing food and start a relationship.