Waiting on Animals

Its all about immediate gratification in our world, right? I don't know about you but I am seriously used to getting what I want / need when I want it... ok, usually its just want. Anyway, the "thing" these days that I find myself seeking after and looking for my "immediate gratification" fix is information. Need to know something, look something up, remember what that email said, ask someone a question.... well, I simply pull out my wonder gadget (maybe I am a wonder"tool"?). 

Wonder Gadget

So there it is, all at my fingertips. Man is that easy to get used to... especially if you find yourself spending great amounts of time watching animals. Lots of good farming is about observation. Observation takes patience. I don't have any because I get all the answers I need instantaneously from my wonder gadget. I have logged some serious hours the past moth or so watching two things... lambs try to find the milk for the first time and a bunch of cows to see if one is in heat ready to be bred. 

"Well its about time!"

This is by far one of the easiest things to look at and make fun of myself. The amount of impatient cussing I do directed at animals who are, in their own way, far more intelligent than I am and far more serious and expert at their business. 

Now, if I could just work out a remote sensor to feed right into my wonder gadget......  

"This is no time to just eat!!!" 

It ultimately brings you back down to earth, I try to remember that these animals have a great deal to teach me. Patience is only the tip of the iceburg. They have a knowledge that I carry too, we all do. An ancient and earthly knowledge of the right order of things, nature's way of getting it done for the past manymanymany years.... now if I can only find a way to shut up long enough to stay in touch with that. I'll just keep watching the animals and see what happens...