I have "liked" an organization called "Sustainable Table" on facebook. So I get their updates periodically and once in a while they link to a good article posted somewhere else. Yesterday they had a post about a debate they are hosting over the internet. It is a funny little thing where you choose one side and then they have a couple folks who have done some writing on the two sides try to convince you of the righteousness of their point of view. Then the reader is queried again and you get to see who is changing more minds. 

Its an odd little internet thing but pretty fun and interesting. I, of course, have been engaged in this particular debate for some time. Remember that I was a vegetarian before I came into farming. I did not grow up one but converted as a young man looking at how things were done out there in the world. Not a stretch to stop eating meat when you hear about what goes on. 

Anyway, what I love most about this is that there are lots of very interesting and revealing little links tied into the post favoring the intelligent and selective eating of meat. Check them out. I will embed the video below that I just loved. Its called Cud, its about a farmer in Georgia and he says much of what I have said at times and believe when it comes to raising and eating meat. I can't vouch for his wine consumption at the end of the day but we all have our faults. Check it out... good old farm'in. 

CUD from Joe York on Vimeo.