Laying Fence

I am sure that each of us has a routine or a moment when they realize that the season are shifiting and that something new is on the way. Seasonally I can think in the past of the first day of school indicating the transition to fall. When we put up the tree it feels like the holidaze are oficially underway. There are all kinds of things like that on the farm as we move from winter to spring. 

Today I went and unrolled the first batches of net since we put them away in November. It is great to get them out, unroll them and have at it. I was reminded today of the day we put the nets away. i was also reminded of why we take the time to put them away properly. These finces are affectionaltely known as "people traps". Ever gotten a piece of wire or cord fouled up.... thats nothing compared to what these fences can do. I have been reduced to tears. Really, but that is for another post. 

I just keep coming back to the fact that it is mid March. There is green sticking up out there. Honest. I took a wedge of soil up out there with my hands and counted 8 worms. Amazing. The more I write about it the better the chances for a good old snowstorm between now and April... so enough of that. 

My point is only that the rituals of spring are underway and its just incredible. Incredible. Anyone said we would have had this going on last year at this time and I would have said, in my best "Annoying Peasant" accent: "You're fooling yourself!"