Buns In The Oven

Lambs are due any day now... Friday was the "anytime now" day of record for this year. That is the day that falls 145 days from the moment when we put the ram in with the ewes in the fall. We are a month ahead this year compared to last year, we have been choosing to have lambs in late March so the cold is not such a factor. This year we planned on dealing with the cold so we could see if the extra four weeks made a difference to our final weights in the fall. We'll see.

Lambing is always the moment when I feel the new season coming. It will be interesting to see what it feels like getting those juices going inFebruary this year... with the weather we have been having it may not be a stretch. It has been a pleasure to take the dogs and sheep out on these bare fields in the middle of February.

I took the sheep out for a walk today, good to get the "big mamas" some exercise. Most will have lambs this time next month. Lots of work ahead, lots of milk to produce, lots of tending and fretting over the new charges.... today they could just enjoy. Here are some photos: