The Last of It

I moved the cows today to what will be their last patch of grass for 2012. On to about 5 months of hay eathing now, its a big shift for them and for me. I am very grateful to those in town who are able to let me keep animals on their land to eat their grass. It plays a huge role in our ability to feed our critters for the winter.


There are countless ways that farmers and land owners can cooperate to raise food and meet each others needs. If we are to really begin to think regionally we need to form and grow these relationships. Grass grows everywhere, it is the forgiveness of nature, it is also a diverse and nutritions food for ruminants, horses, and pigs. How many land owners out there have a field? spend money to keep it mowed? have questions and concerns about how best to keep it up? A farmer could be a handy partner.


Another reason I feel lucky to be in such a great community, to be where the green grass meets the blue sky and the blue ocean.