I Can't Believe Its Been Over 6 Months!

My last entry was May 7th. Wow, getting cold again already.  I think I should just start posting whatever,I need to get writing here again as its a great outlet and I have gotten great feedback. Thanks for reading... comment frequently.  It will help me avoid slacking and procrastinating. 

Recent arrivals

The sheep came up to the barn yesterday, in for the winter. Its pretty amazing to have the turkeys gone and the sheep in the barn in the course of a week. Its a serious downshift and very, very welcome around here. Speaks a bit to what I have been up to since May 7th. I assure you it was not so severe that I could not have squeezed in a couple posts a week, no excuses... just saying. Recently Departed


 Anyway its a great pleasure ot be thinking about going into winter, shortening the diameter of our rangings throughout the day. Ideally there will be some days that I never get more than 35 feet away from the woodstove! Hibernation. Hibernation and reflection, planning, recharging. Can't wait!

Stay tuned. 



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I'll keep it up.