Summer Newsletter!!!!

Hello Everyone,

Hard to believe that summer is here. We have just come off several of the busiest months we can remember. In an effort to get caught up and grab the reigns of the farm and our farm community we thought a newsletter was overdue. Lots of updates and planning to communicate so here goes:

On The Farm:

We are in full swing here with the animals. The barns are empty and the pastures are full. I have heard some farmers refer to the rotation of animals through the pastures as a “dance”. I think there is something to that... we currently have about 300 animals in 6 different groups out on our big front field. Ewes, lambs, steers, broiler chickens and laying hens are all out there doing their part for the soil nutrients and forage clipping. I must say it is nice to have them all in one spot and we should see some great results in the fall with their health as well as the health of the soil they are fertilizing. Hay is underway too as we have about 500 bales “in the barn” as they say. It is a great feeling to know that some winter feed is already stocked away!

Getting Our Food:

CSA shares are still available and we would love to hear from you. The beef is definitely going quickly so please communicate your needs asap if you want some beef for this fall. Lamb, chicken, and turkey are still available as well, details and order forms are on the website (

We are officially opening our store the weekend of July 2nd and 3rd. We have eggs, some lamb, and we will have a full selection of grass fed beef. Chicken will soon follow the week of July 9th. We are also selling lamb skins this year as well as some other great products. Please come by the store and check it out! Come anytime, official hours are Thursday - Saturday 1-5pm.

Farm / Art Camp:

Spaces are still available for our first ever summer camp! We have a great program set up to run the week of July 5-9, July 11 - 15, and August 15 - 19. All the details are online at so check that out and feel free to call with questions.


Anyone looking for a chance to visit and see what is going on here is welcome anytime. We love to have visitors, we love showing off the farm and what we are up to. One of the things we have loved doing here is hosting open house events that include farm tours and sheep dog demonstrations. We will be hosting these events again this year and look forward to seeing you. Each open house will be from 9am to noon and will include a sheep dog demonstration at 10 am and a farm tour at 11:00. Please consider joining us on July 2nd, July 16th, August 6th, August 20th, and / or September 3rd.

We will also be part of Celebrate Summer in Harpswell on July 9th, we will have an open house from 9am to 3pm and two dog demos at 10:30 and 2:30. This should be a great weekend to enjoy Harpswell, come enjoy the summer!