We are in the last days of school. This Spring has been a blur, the farm is so active and busy right now. I have been working to stay on top of it all while finishing my teaching tenure with some class. It has been extremely difficult. One result of course has been my inability to network or post anything related to what is happening on the farm.

I will make a concerted effort in the next week to send out lots of pics and updates. One thing for sure is that I will be cutting hay ASAP starting, I hope, this weekend. I love to cut hay, its like the sense of satisfaction and visually appealing feeling you get after doing a nice job on the lawn. LIke that, but way bigger and better.

There are stressors of course... like weather and equipment... but they are manageable. I used to get so amped up about hay.... I would fret and have sleepless nights wondering what would break or go wrong the next day in the fields.

First Crop 2010, Last Year

What makes it so amazing is the sense that it is our "crop". The crop that gets cut and dried and brought in for the winter months. So if you have ever grown an amazing squash or pumpkin or carrot or onion and you have had the pleasure of pulling that sucker out of the cellar on some cold dark afternoon in February... and you got that brief wiff, the momentary connection to the power of sun and water and soil to grow healthy food.... you have a sense of what its like to crack open fresh nutritious bales of hay all winter long and "feed out" to the animals. I can sit in that barn and watch and listen to cows and sheep eat that hay for hours. I love it.

I'll put out some pics soon. Better yet come visit us. First "Open House" and Sheep Herding Demo on July 9th!!