Wow its been a long time. The last posing was mid April... in Mid April we were still feeding Hay! Seems like ages ago at this point. The cows and sheep are now into their third week on the pastures. Speaking of pastures, they are finally warming up and the grass and clover are coming strong.

Last post... still eating hay.....

Seasonal changes around here are marked as much by what we do as by what the weather is like. While the weather continues to try and hide the fact that spring is here, our chore routine makes it clear what the season. We are back to moving fences and animals, the days of bringing feed to them are over for now... we now bring them to the feed once again.


We also have about 200 chicks on the ground again. Our second batch of broilers arrived on Friday and our first batch is on grass and about 3 weeks old. So the routines are different, the winter monotony is broken, and we are woking in the weather once again.

It is exciting to see things come alive and to share the joy that is evident in the animals as they hit the green grass and fresh air once again. Please come by for a visit and see what is happening if you are in the hood. I will try to get back on the posting wagon!