April Fools

Chickens are out, lambs are everywhere, compost is getting turned, and the mud, in spots, is drying.

Chickens in the Compost

Apparently all in time for some snow to come on Friday. How do you spell "uugg", like Charlie Brown uugg? Please help us weather the storm by letting us know what you will be ordering this year. It is a huge help!

Longer posts and a Spring Newsletter in the coming days, promise.

2011 Order Form Final

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If you are "from away".... we are happy to examine options to get your food to you... maybe even delivery, just saying don't count it out. The food is worth it.

So a quick joke about "from away" which is the term in Maine for folks who are not from Maine. Full disclosure, I am from away... born in Michigan. So the big question is always... well, how long before a family can be considered native? I mean my kids are born in Maine so they are all good right? Can't say they are from away... right?  Well, one old Mainer I spoke to about this said:

"Son, just cause a cat craws into the stove to have her kittens... don't make 'em biscuits"