They Have Arrived

I awoke yesterday morning to find two sleeping, dry, and content lambs. Of course it was a night when nobody felt the need to get up and check the ewes for signs of labor or stress. However, as these things go the process takes it course and the vast majority of the time no assistance is necessary. This particular ewe (324 in our records.... "Tulip" in our hearts) is going through it for the second time, she has been a great mother both years so far.

Generally we look to see how they respond to the lambs, their level of attention and concern. It is worth noting as well how they do in labor and their condition after delivery. All these factors should be considered when thinking about the long term and the future of each ewe. When you have only a small flock and children that name the sheep (and sometimes take them for "walks") it is hard to face tough decisions regarding culling and / or getting rid of an animal. There are many places that the business and family side of this venture rub a little.

Anyway, here re some pics. It should also be noted that this is the ewe that Muriel and I chose in this year's "Which Ewe Will Go First?" first pool . Our own little version of March Madness. We have not decided yet what we will do with the $4 windfall but Muriel has some ideas...

The Girl... 6.9lbs

The Boy.... 6lbs

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