I keep getting these reports from facebook about the traffic to our page and other pieces of data. It makes me think of just how dynamic and far reaching communication can be on such a site. I am always amazed at how many visits, likes, etc. transpire in a week. Then, of course, I am left crystal clear that all those folks just checked in for some reason or another and I missed a chance to say something about the farm, farm life, animals, kids, kids with animals, grass, small business, humor, land preservation, community, etc. So much to attend to... most of the time a post note update status comment email occurs like another 'to do' on the list. Some of the time I get over it and am generally pleased with the results.

So today we completed our first bulk beef transaction. It was really fantastic sending someone home with months of healthy meat to eat. I had this order done in the plastic cyovac bags. It is definitely nice to see the meat and I know those bags are better over the long haul in the freezer. However, they are still plastic and we have to weigh the waste with the presentation. We talked too of the leaching factor between meat and plastic. I think we need to do a little research on the cyobags.... nice as it is to see the cut.

Still have beef available by the way. Buy bulk. Buy bulk with friends. Buy bulk with family. Give the gift of natural, local, and grass fed.


Buy Bulk And Save