A Simple Way To Sell Beef

Have you had a chance to check out our beef info and ordering page on the website? Well I have checked it out over and over again. In the process of creating the site and getting things ready to sell beef, I searched and researched and shopped and questioned all those in the region selling grass fed meat off the farm.

The variety of approaches and prices was astounding. It also ends up being confusing as well once you start to catch on to all the nuances and peculiarities of each site, each farm, and what they are offering. What gets me is that the per lb price listed is generally listed for what is called hanging weight. This weight will ultimately not have much in common with what ends up in the freezer and seems to me a bit deceptive. The price per pound of the meat you actually get home in the freezer is significantly higher.

I kept asking myself... but how does the customer know how much they get in their order and how much it will cost. The best anyone can do with the system above is estimate. This is not bad but I have to think it is just not going to be seen as simple and easy. I am all about making it simple and easy. We grow it, you eat it.

So our beef page is now outdated, after only a couple months. Now we are going to shift our site and our whole approach to the almighty box. What could be more simple than a box? It has four sides, it hold something KNOWN, and it has a specific cost. So here goes:

Grass Fed Beef, All Natural and Amazing Food Sold By The Box

Each box will contain about 1/3 roasts, 1/3 steaks, and 1/3 burger

  • 100 lb box cost $ 700.00   ($7.00 per pound)

  • 50 lb box costs $ 365.00    ($7.30 per pound)

  • 25 lb box costs $ 185.00    ($7.40 per pound)

ps. Nature's Place Burger Meat at Hannaford  is $6.50 a pound. Not grass fed, not organically raised. Wow is this Two Coves Beef a deal. Send us a message and we will reserve your BOX!