"Deer In The Headlights"

I have been overwhelmed this past week to the point of inactivity. The classic "deer in the headlights". THe farm is picking up significantly as we get the animals out and moving around. We have two new batches of chicks on the ground and growing fast. Relating to all those little "have to do's" can be tricky at times.

We are still working out the details  in our life and schedule that will let the work feel smooth and natural. Splitting my time between school and farm and family is too much, too fast, too loaded. Too much is going on when time with your kids is preoccupied with thoughts of what needs to get done. It is a function of spending so much time away... the disconnect is a factor.

Summer for me will mean that the car has passed on. I will no longer be caught in the beam of light, I can shake it off and go back about my business.

Three weeks to go, wish me luck.