What is Pasture Farming?

All of our attention here is on the pastures. Pasture is the setting for raising animals naturally in the great outdoors. We measure the health of our pastures by how much grass they produce, how quickly the grass returns after harvest, how many worms we see in the soil, and how quickly the soil digests the nutrient mix left behind as the animals go about their business.

Our time and energy is spent moving animals. Moving animals is the best way to care not only for the animals but also for the soil that grows their food. By bringing the cows, sheep, chickens, and turkeys to fresh pasture every day or two we are able to provide them a constant diet of nutritious diversity. The soil is stimulated, refreshed, and fertilized by the movement, eating, and digestion of the animals. Everybody wins.

When you grow animals in a natural environment they are healthier, its that simple. If the animals are healthy the food they produce is a higher quality, its tastes better, and its better for you.