Relationship Farming

We can't run this farm and grow this food without the support of our customers. Each year we turn to you and ask : "What do you want us to grow for you?" By placing an order and putting down a deposit our customers help the farm engine keep running. This relationship powers the farm; you can count on us to grow your food with care, humanity, and integrity. Your order and deposit gives the farm what it needs to keep running and producing. You also, of course, reap the benefits of high quality, local food. In this way a person or a family can gain a greater connection to their food as well as help support local agriculture and small business in their area.

By taking your order and deposit before the season starts, we have the capital to begin production and we know how many customers we have and what those customers want. This takes much of the uncertainty and risk out of the equation and lets us customize based on what is ordered. Producing on a small scale means that we are intimately acquainted with our animals. We are also interested in a personal connection to our customers as they are the final beneficiary of the effort and care we put into raising our meat.

How does it work? What do I do?

We have created an order form and pages on this site that lay out our offerings and prices. Take a look, see if it answers your questions about what we offer and the amounts involved (price & lbs of meat). Call us or email if you have any questions, and then complete the order form or place your order online. We hope to collect deposits in the first three or four months of the year. By May 1 we really like to know what our customers want, have their invoices started, and deposit in the bank. If you use the order form just print it out, fill it out, and mail to us with a deposit. If you order online just place you want in your "cart" and checkout. Amounts you see are DEPOSIT amounts, you can expect the deposit to be about 50% of total cost. 

Our Pricing

We have tried to price our meat and eggs according to what we see in comparable markets for the food we are producing. We have sampled other farms, looked at price reports, talked to farmers, been to farmers markets, and tried to account fairly for our feed and labor costs. The food we produce is crafted here with a lot of attention to detail, it is raised with care and contemplation every day. Throughout the growing season the farm has many pieces, all in motion and serving a purpose. Lots of our time and energy goes into our products; our goal is to produce food that is of incredible quality and incredible value.